Fundamental Pick: Elastos (ELA)

BBOD Rating [10/10/2018]

SPEC BUY: A speculative opportunity for investors with a higher risk tolerance


Currency Code ELA
Transaction Start Date 01/02/2018
Total Supply 33,647,865
Circulating Supply 7,722,239
Protocol Type Blockchain Platform
Base Protocol ELA
Where To Buy LBank, Huobi, CoinEgg, Kucoin

Problem To Solve

Since the inception of the Internet, it has become impossible for content creators to claim individual ownership of their works and to ensure such original creators receive the monetary benefits from their creative outputs. This is the result of the Internet’s inability to provide unique content which cannot be copied by individuals and spread freely over its vast distributed network. With over 3 billion individuals having access to the Internet, who all possess the ability to copy original content with ease, trying to stop the flow of illegal content between parties is simply impossible. Moreover, it is not only individual actors who take advantage of the ability to stream content globally, well-known centralised digital content providers such as Spotify, Youtube and Netflix all profit substantially from monetising digital content which is not of their own creation. Ultimately, this process often leaves original content creators with a tiny fraction of the actual profit they should be receiving for their creative endeavours and large corporations with the majority.

On the opposite side of this dilemma, individuals themselves no longer physically own much of the digital content they consume. People simply pay for subscription services and become drip fed by whichever corporation they choose to worship. Many may argue that, in fact, this is not an issue for the individual, as digital content has never been so easy to consume, yet is convenience necessarily a good thing without rights to ownership? In the past, individuals collected physical possessions over the period of their lifetime, such as books, records and photo albums, which could then be passed down to their family. This not only acted as a memoir of deceased loved ones but also a mechanism of passing value down through generations. Today, little of what we consume is actually ours and consequently, we cannot monetise our possessions when needed for ourselves or our children.

The Solution

In order to tackle the dissemination of creator content, Elastos [ELA] proposes a unique Blockchain design philosophy which detaches original content from the internet itself and runs separately on what Elastos has coined the ‘Smartweb’. Here creators content will not be uploaded to the internet that we know today, rather, it will be placed on a decentralised application on Elastos ‘Runtime’ software. ‘Runtime’ will enable individuals to store, view and exchange original content peer-to-peer on their personal smartphones or computers without connecting to the internet itself. Instead, Elastos will utilise the Blockchain only to confirm transactions between parties and verify their identity without needing a third party.

Thus, creators using the system will have the ability to attach their personal identity to their unique content on the Blockchain, allowing them to track exactly how many individuals are consuming their content, ensuring all revenue is sent directly to the original artist rather than unnecessary intermediaries. Moreover, Content creators will have the ability to introduce the concept of digital scarcity to their work, limiting the amount of digital content that can be bought by consumers to a fixed number. As in all markets, scarcity often creates increased incentives for individuals to purchase an item in a specific timeframe whilst supply remains fixed, increasing adoption and price over time. Such mechanisms should allow creators to reek the financial rewards they deserve for digital content, unlike in the current status quo.

Additionally, the Elastos ‘Runtime’ ecosystem will benefit consumers of the network, by allowing them access to original content which they will digitally own, verified by their Blockchain Identity. Unlike in today’s markets where one merely owns the right to use a product for a specified amount of time via a subscription service, consumers of Elastos ‘Runtime’ network will have unconditional ownership of their digital assets. Much like in the physical content world before the era of the internet, this will allow individuals to generate future revenue if they decide to sell some of their digital content. For instance, perhaps, due to the scarcity of the digital content when first purchased, such an asset has now significantly increased in price as there is now huge demand and virtually no supply, one could benefit akin to selling a rare piece of art. This mechanism creates an entirely new smart economy by allowing anyone to participate in wealth generation through peer to peer free markets without the interference of costly and unnecessary third parties.


Ultimately, Elastos allows digital content to be stored, viewed and traded in a secure and transparent manner. Without the need for third parties, creators are guaranteed to be rewarded with fair compensation for their creative output whilst consumers can benefit from their digital content ownership. Within this closed environment, the projects native ELA token will be used to pay for access to content that individuals desire. ELA can then be spent within the Elastos ecosystem itself or transferred to any other financial network.


  • Rewarding Content Creators: Since the introduction of the internet, content creators have lost out significantly as they have no means of stopping the dissemination of their artistic works. Moreover, unnecessary intermediaries have profited substantially by providing user-friendly interfaces which consumers have gravitated towards due to their ease of use. This is only set to continue as more individuals have access to the internet and product offerings become more sophisticated. Elastos provides a way out of the traditional content economy that allows creators to become the sole beneficiaries of their work, an idea that would not be possible without Blockchain technology and certainly appealing to creators themselves.
  • A Universally Beneficial Ecosystem: Not only does Elastos benefit content creators, but it also allows consumers themselves to take back the ownership of their digital content. This should attract individuals who are fed up with paying for subscription services that have the right to remove content at any time. Elastos allows consumers to benefit from the financial rewards of having exclusive ownership of digital content by exchanging such content in a peer-to-peer manner. Individuals can also feel confident that their purchase decisions are directly affecting the lives of the artists they admire.
  • Longevity and Strength of The Elastos Team: CEO Rong Chen began work on Elastos after leaving a senior role at Microsoft in 2000. Over time, the project has evolved in line with the pace of technology to now include Blockchain technology, which now allows it to function. The foresight and longevity of the project suggest the team is certainly in this for the long haul. Elastos now comprises of over 52 team members, with well-respected Blockchain advisors including Jihan Wu (CEO of Bitmain) and Hongfei Da (Founder & CEO of NEO).

Risk Factors

  • Challenging Traditional Oligopolies: The market for content streaming services is fierce, with a few key playing dominating the space, such as Spotify, Youtube and Netflix. If Elastos is to overcome the huge amounts capital these companies have at their disposal, they are going to need to pursue aggressive marketing strategies in order to establish themselves as an alternative competing brand. Despite this, the overwhelming benefits for content creators who utilise the platform should push the market forward, if they decide to limit content exclusively outside of the traditional system.
  • Copying Copyright Material: Although digital content will be detached from the Internet on the Elastos ‘Runtime’ software, this does not stop consumers from screen-capturing videos, text or rerecording audio. Individuals desire to find content for free will prevail if they search hard enough. Regardless, individuals who choose to do this will only receive knock-off versions of an original file of lesser quality, unlike today where original files can easily be copied and disseminated.
  • Verification: Elastos have failed to state how they will verify content is uploaded by the original creator. Although a Blockchain ID will be assigned to each piece of digital content, there is nothing stopping someone else uploading a file to the ‘Runtime’ system and claiming it as their own. In order for this to occur, however, the fake uploader would have to possess the original file and upload it before the original content creator, a rare circumstance.


Elastos provides an innovative alternative ecosystem for content creators and consumers to maintain full control of their digital assets and monetise them without the need for unnecessary intermediaries. The projects key strength is the ability to create a marketplace for digital content detached from the internet itself, Elastos ‘Runtime’, utilising the Blockchain only to verify the identification of content creators and to implement trustless peer-to-peer transactions. This has the potential to create an environment outside of the traditional corporate structure that will allow consumers to truly own their digital content and content creators to be rightfully rewarded for their creative endeavours. If Elastos can market their brand effectively, content creators could start transitioning exclusively over to the platform, leaving consumers no alternative but to adopt the system if they wish to enjoy their favourite artists. With support from cryptocurrency giants such as Bitmain and NEO and a dedicated team of 18 years, Elastos seem capable of successfully implementing their idea. Thus, as the mainstream begins to adopt decentralised applications, Elastos is certainly one to watch.

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