BBD Token Overview

Blockchain Board of Derivatives (BBOD) will launch their cryptocurrency trading platform in December 2018.

Below we present basic information about BBD token and a few advantages you can expect from participating in the purchase of BBD tokens.

Basic data

Contract #: 0xb79fc5505ea4f3b920ee7e3349de064226692717

Circulating Supply: 117,282,569 BBD (as of 07 December 2018)

Total Supply: 275,803,582 BBD

What are BBD tokens?

BBD is an ERC-20 token issued by BBOD. Just like BNB coin by Binance, when you use BBD to trade on BBOD, you save a considerable amount of money on the trading fees.

How / where I can buy BBD tokens?

BBD tokens will be available to buy or sell on BBOD trading platform in December 2018.

Owning BBD tokens offers multiple benefits for investors and traders.

Traders may use BBD to pay for trading fees and they can expect a discount on trading fees.

Other benefits under consideration include:

  1. access to the periodic ‘TUSD Lottery Bounty Program’ (eg. 1 BBD token — one lottery ticket)
  2. And more, more, more!

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