BBOD Research team produce comprehensive, unbiased, evidence-based research and reports on crypto-coins and blockchain technology. The department is based in Cambridge Science Park in Cambridge, UK.

Piotr Arendarski, PhD

Chief Economist and Head of BBOD Research

12 years experience in economics and finance education, cryptocurrency and equity research, provided lectures for +5000 students who have worked for J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Citi, EY, KPMG. Piotr holds a PhD degree in Economics.


Luca Williams

Senior Technical Analyst

5+ years of research in technical analysis and quantitative trading strategies. A top authority in R.N.Elliott’s Wave Principle. Degree in Finance and Economics at University of Exeter.


Junghee Ryu, PhD

Senior Advisor on Quantum Cryptography

10 years of research in cryptography, quantum physics and blockchain. A researcher at the Centre for Quantum Technologies at the National University of Singapore. Ph.D. degree in Quantum Information Science, Hanyang University.


Ashish Suvarna

Blockchain Researcher

3 years experience in blockchain research, programming, and data analysis whilst at Cognizant. B.S. in Electronics, Alva’s Institute Of Engineering & Technology